Students need to understand:


  • bit, nibble, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte

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Please note that, since 1998, 1 kB represents 1000 Bytes. However, in practice some say 1 kB = 1024 Bytes. 

CAMBRIDGE Computer Science: 
Pages 132. Section "Groups of bits" and diagram on the top right of page 133 showing Bit to Petabyte
ROBSON & HEATHCOTE Computer Science (9-1):
Pages 134. Sections "Storage units and binary numbers" and "Units" and continues on to the very top of Page 135. 
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(3rd edition): 
Page 49, Section "Units".  
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(2012): 
Page 9, Section "Units".  
AXSIED GCSE Computer Science (3rd edition):
Page 117. R59 "Computing Units"  
ROUSE & O'BYRNE GCSE(9-1) Computer Science:
Page 147. Section "Units".  

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  • MrDMcKnight: Watch all (4:59). Units
  • Computer Science Tutor: Watch from 3:44 to 6:05. Units
  • Cambridge GCSE Computing: Watch all (1:14) Units Part A
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