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Available courses

Subscription based content to support study of a GCSE in Computer Science includes quizzes, examinations and assessment. Ages 14+

Free access to content that will support study of a GCSE in Computer Science without subscription. This course focuses on the 'Computer Systems' part of the award, the concepts and principles of Computer Science. It does not include the Computational Thinking, Programming and Algorithms that make up the other 50% of the GCSE. This version does not include any quizzes, assessments or Teacher only content. Ages 14+

Events and resources that support the teaching of Computing in schools. Ages 18+

Virtual visits & trips that feature inspiring tales from Computing history and engaging practical activities on a Computer Science theme. Ages 10+

An online monthly film club for enthusiasts of Computing & Computer Science educators. Ages 11+

A digital maker community hosting online monthly jams packed with lightning talks, workshops, project demonstrations and discussions around affordable technologies for all backgrounds and experience levels. Ages 8+