GCSE(9-1) Computer Science J276MOOC

exa.foundation offer an online course which has been designed to support the teaching of GCSE (9-1) Computer Science. You need to be a registered user before you can access this course. Teachers should enrol themselves first, then once enrolled add their classes using the steps provided in the 'Teachers only section' which is only visible once you are enrolled. 

This video explains how you can teach GCSE Computer Science using this resource:

Self-enrolment Process:

For access to the J276MOOC, a teacher can use the self-enrolment process. To self-enrol, you will need the enrolment key which is displayed on this Computing At School page. If you are not a member of CAS, you will not be able to self-enrol and will need to manual enrol instead which takes much longer.

1. Visit http://exa.foundation/j276mooc and click ‘continue
2. In the ‘Is this your first time here?’ section, select 'create new account
3. Complete the sections necessary to create your new account using your school email address
4. An email will be sent from an address ending @moodle.exa.foundation. Click on the link in the email.
5. Finally go to http://exa.foundation/j276mooc and use the 8 character enrolment key found here.

Manual enrolment Process:

If for some reason, self-enrolment is not working for you, you can try manual enrolment - but it may take a few days for somebody to respond to your email and to check that you are a teacher.

Send an email from your school email account requesting access to info@exa.foundation. Use the subject line "GCSE MOOC" for your email and include a link to something that proves you are a member of staff at the school, eg. a link to the staff list on your school website or your Computing At School profile page etc.

Please note: Once a manual enrolment request has been received you should expect to receive a response within two working days. Some teachers have reported that the email they received in response has gone into their SPAM folder. You'll then be able to access the course and if you choose, you can then register your students/pupils quickly and easily by sending a .CSV file. More information & guidance for teachers appears on the course page.

What the free trial includes:

Access to the J276MOOC is completely free 'forever' for the first 13 topics for all teachers and students. This includes about one term's worth of free content, resources, plans, homework and assessment tools. This extended free trial is to enable teachers and their students to evaluate the J276MOOC with no further obligation or commitment to purchase.

If you later decide you would like access to the remaining topics 14 - 40, there is a £100+vat annual subscription fee per school. Schools who wish to access the additional topics will need to submit an official order form. The subscription fee is waived for schools who are ISP customers of Exa Networks.

This blog post explains a little more: 'The MOOC has landed'

If you do not receive your registration details within 2 working days - please check your SPAM before making contact.

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