Students need to understand:
  • the purpose and functionality of systems software
  • operating systems:
      • user interface
      • memory management/multitasking
      • peripheral management and drivers
      • user management
      • file management

Choose from the following to help you learn:


CAMBRIDGE Computer Science:  
Page 181 Section "Systems software" which continues right through to Page 184 including "User interfaces".
ROBSON & HEATHCOTE Computer Science (9-1):
Page 45. Section "Operating systems softwarewhich continues right through to "File management" the top of Page 47.
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(3rd edition): 
Page 33. Section "Softwarewhich continues right through to "Providing a user interface" on Page 37.
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(2012): 
Page 46. Section "Softwarewhich continues right through to "Providing a user interface" on Page 50.
AXSIED GCSE Computer Science (3rd edition) 
Page 47 - R24. "Operating systems"
ROUSE & O'BYRNE GCSE(9-1) Computer Science:
Page 78. First two paragraphs. 
Page 80. Section 
"Systems software
which continues right through to "Peripheral management" on Page 93.

Web Sites

BBC Bitesize: Page 1 Software concepts and from Page 1 Operating systems through to Page 6 File systems
Cambridge MOOC: Section 27: Functions of an operating system 
Wikipedia: System software (leave out utility for now), Operating systemUser interfaceMemory ManagementMulti-taskingFile systemsSecurity and Device drivers (8 articles)
Simple Wikipedia: SoftwareOperating system and Interface (3 articles)
Techopedia:  System software and Operating systems (2 articles)
Teach-ICT:  Operating systems 


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