OCR: Topic 15 Resources

Students need to understand:
  • WiFi:
    • frequency and channels
    • encryption
  • ethernet

Choose from the following to help you learn:


CAMBRIDGE Computer Science: 
Page 194 Sections "Transmission media", "Cable" and "Microwave" which continues onto page 195.
Page 212 Section "Encryption", which continues onto page 213.

(Nothing specifically on WiFi frequency and channels)
ROBSON & HEATHCOTE Computer Science (9-1):
Page 25. Section "Ethernet", "Transmission media" which continues onto page 26. 
Page 26. Section "Wireless networking" which continues through pages 27, 28 and 29 with "Encryption". 
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(3rd edition):
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(2012):
AXSIED GCSE Computer Science (3rd edition)
Page 33 - R17. Section "Ethernet" only, top half of page
Page 35 - R18. Sections "
Wi-Fi Channels and Frequency" & "Wi-Fi Encryption" only, top half of page

ROUSE & O'BYRNE GCSE(9-1) Computer Science:
Page 41 through to Page 43. Sections "WiFi" and "Encryption"
Page 52 through to Page 53 Section "Ethernet"

Web Sites

BBC Bitesize: Page 4 Wired & Wireless Networks & Page 1 Encryption (Nothing specifically on WiFi frequency and channels)
Cambridge MOOC: Section 52 Security Measures, just focus on Encryption for now. Section 47 Hardware needed to connect to a LAN. (Nothing specifically on WiFi frequency and channels)
Wikipedia: Wi-Fi, Radio Spectrum (frequency), Interference (channels), Network security (encryption) and Ethernet. (5 articles)
Simple Wikipedia: WiFi, Encryption and Ethernet  (3 articles)
Techopedia: Wi-Fi, Encryption and Ethernet  (3 articles)
Cambridge Digital:  n/a
Teach-ICT:  Wi-Fi 


TheNewBoston: Network Interface Cards (Ethernet) - Watch from 0:00 to 3:36
Ethernet & Wireless hardware, watch from 0:10 to 5:02
CraignDave: Factors that affect the performance of networks, watch from 0:10 to 1:50

MrMDKnight: LAN Equipment (Covers hardware only), watch from 0:00 to 5:42
MrMDKnight: (Covers Encryption only) watch from 2:55 to 8:34  

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