Learners should have studied the following:
how common characteristics of CPUs affect their performance
a.  clock speed
b.  cache size
c.  number of cores

Choose from the following to help you learn:


CAMBRIDGE Computer Science:  
Page 168-169 Section "The clock" 
Page 173 Sections "Clock speed", "Multi-core processors" and "Cache memory" which continues on to page 175.
ROBSON & HEATHCOTE Computer Science (9-1):
Page 6 "Clock Speed", Page 7 "Types of memory" and Page 8 "Processor cores"
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(3rd edition): 
Page 24. Sections "CPU Performance" and "Multi-core Processors" on Page 25.
SUSAN ROBSON GCSE Computing(2012): 
Page 10. Sections "CPU Performance" and "Multi-core Processors" on Page 11.
AXSIED GCSE Computer Science (3rd edition)
Page 5 - R3. The CPU. Paragraphs 5,6 & 7.
ROUSE & O'BYRNE GCSE(9-1) Computer Science:
Page 11. Paragraph 3 and Section "Cores" continues onto Page 12.
Page 7. Section "The CPU" second paragraph.

Web Sites

BBC Bitesize: Page 2 - "CPU Performance" and Page 3 - "Cache"  
Cambridge MOOC:  Section 9 - "Clock Speed"Section 10 - "Cache Memory" and  Section 11 - "CPU Cores"
Wikipedia: CPU Performance
Techopedia: Clock speedMulticore Processors and Cache Memory
Cambridge Digital:  20_Activity1
Teach-ICT: THEORY Sections 1 to 4 only


CraignDave: Watch from 0:00 to 6:17

ComputerScienceTutor: Watch from 5:40 to 11:55 
TechQuickie: CPU Cores - Watch from 0:00 to 2:20 
MrFord'sClass: CPU Clock Speed - Watch 
LordLogic: CPU Performance - Watch from 1:56   
Geekyranjit: Multi Core Processors 

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